Overlord Season 01 Episode 13 Recap

Overlord Season 01 Episode 13 Recap

Episode Recap

The fight is still going.

It starts at the point where Shalltear asks Ainz for his last words.

He explains to her that in PVP, the most important thing is how well you can deceive the enemy with false information.
An example he gives her is regarding his change in armor that made her think that holy attacks were very effective against him even though they weren’t.
Another example he gave her was making her think that fire damage did nothing to him, when in reality it did. Ainz also used False Data: Life in case she were to check on his health with Life Essence, but she never did.
The last thing is that Peroroncino told Ainz all about her when Peroroncino was making her, so Ainz knew all about her skills and abilities from the start — Ainz was only pretending not to know so she would use them more boldly. Ainz also said that he probably knows her the most after his own creation, Pandora’s Actor.

Shalltear when Ainz reveals to her what he did

Shalltear is angry now and charges at Ainz but he quickly uses Perfect Warrior in order to have Touch-Me‘s equipment and to fight back in hand-to-hand combat — as he also planned.
Ainz changing armor surprised even the Floor Guardians that are still watching.

Ainz now damages Shalltear with Takemikazuchi Hachishiki, a weapon belonging to TakemikazuchiCocytus‘s creator.
He once again tells her that Ainz Ooal Gown does not know defeat; that the strength of 41 people of Ainz Ooal Gown stand before her and she had no chance of winning from the start.

Their weapons exchange blows and then Shalltear creates an opening when his weapon cuts through her left arm’s armor. She tries to attack but he drops the weapon and breaks one of his wooden sticks to bring out another weapon. This time it’s Nishikienrai‘s duel wield weapon.

Shalltear’s arm is gone from the previous attack and Ainz starts attacking once more. He manages to hit her in her triceps and she notices that they have the holy element in them and tries to push him away.
Ainz uses another weapon that looks like a big Hand and sends her flying instead. He changes weapons once more and this time it’s a bow and arrow weapon that she called Houyi’s Bow and that once belonged to Peroroncino.
She notices that everything was planned once more and he shoots an arrow at her.
She feels like she can’t stay back now seeing the various weapons he can use and proceeds to charge at him.

Ainz breaks another weapon and this time brings out a big axe-like weapon that’s apparently called Blood Sucking Meat Devourer and is working well in the fighting because Shalltear has given up on defending and started attacking.

Viewing the fight, Cocytus declares this battle over and but Demiurge asks why. Cocytus explains that Shalltear has given up on defense and is now purely on offense — that she has no choice.

Ainz with a BIG Axe

Now back in the fight, after exchanging some blows, Shalltear believes she has the upper hand — thinking he’ll be running out of HP before her.

Now the timer on his watch has run out and Bukubuku Chagma‘s voice informs Ainz that the timer he set is up.

Ainz declares this as the end of the battle and he changes his weapon for a shield.

He informs her that her HP is low enough for a Super Tier Magic attack.

She gets scared and attacks him as much as possible.

Ainz deflects her attack and changes into his mage form and uses his final attack.

Shalltear realizing she’s going to lose

The ability Ainz used required time to activate so Shalltear mocks and asks Ainz why he is using magic that has a long cast time but then sees another cash shop item in his hand that can presumably do something about it.

As he’s breaking the item, Shalltear attacks him but something frightens her for a second and makes her look back while he finishes breaking it — the thing was Aura‘s skill.
When he breaks it, Ainz casts Fallen Down and everything turns white.

While everything is turning white, she hails Ainz and praises him as the Supreme One that is truly the strongest in Nazarick.
As she’s fading, she mention’s Aura’s nickname “chibi” or “shorty” one last time.

Aura heads back, seeing as the match is finished, and Mare follows.

Sad Aura after using her skill to help Ainz kill Shaltear

The episode is now almost 11 minutes in and the match is over.

Everyone is now back at Nazarick in the throne room and Ainz prepares for the resurrection of Shalltear. He asks Albedo to check if Shalltear’s name appears and to see if she’s still under mind control.
In case she is, Demiurge tells Ainz that they will be the ones to take care of it this time. Ainz agrees after they talk him down a bit and commands the Guardians to protect him. (it’s nice)

The price to revive Shalltear is apparently 500 million gold and his gold starts melting once he begins reviving her.

Shalltear is back and it seems that she is no longer under control.

Ainz goes towards Shalltear and covers her up since she came back naked. He wakes her up and she doesn’t know what’s going on. He’s happy that she’s back and apologizes because he feels everything is his fault.
Shalltear says that it’s impossible for him to make a mistake and proceeds to hug him and say that this will apparently be where her first time will be, to which Abledo makes a remark.
Shalltear cannot remember what happened and starts asking what’s going on.
Ainz asks her what the last thing she can remember and it seems that she doesn’t remember who used the world item on her. She is told to check if anything is wrong with her but nothing is… except her padding.(?)
She gets scolded by her guardians and Ainz sits down in the steps.
As he’s watching them, he remembers his guild members but when he reaches out he remembers it’s not them. He is still included though, because they all love him.(this is where it should ended).

Shalltear asking Ainz what is going on

Ainz instructs Demiurge to tell Shalltear everything that happened and he agrees but also asks Ainz why Sebas hasn’t returned yet. Ainz says that Sebas is bait. They still don’t know why Shalltear was targeted but since Sebas accompanied her, he may be next.
Ainz asks Albedo to gather a team that can scout the area near Sebas in stealth and though Sebas may be bait, he will not allow the enemies to “bite.” They will take down enemies who approach them and will make whoever used the world item on Shalltear one day pay.

Mare asks Ainz if he should clean up the area they fought in but Ainz says that they should leave it that way. Ainz will make up that destroying a magic sealing crystal destroys a large area. (?)
Since magic sealing crystals are rare, he doubts people will be able to put it to the test.

Ainz admits that he may have underestimated things a bit and that there are enemies out there that could damage Nazarick. He plans on strengthening Nazarick by making an army of undead.

Albedo pitches in and says that human corpses can make only make undead that are level 40 or below but Aura has found a village of lizard men so why not attack and destroy them and the opening song plays. (almost minute 19 already??)

Ainz having a conversation with the floor guardians and Pandora’s Actor

Now in a church, probably the same one from earlier episodes, a man is talking about how The Black Scripture, the strongest sector of the Slane Theocracy, was defeated by a “mere vampire.”
The man who Shalltear called “strong” is in front of them bowed down and explaining that Lady Kaire attacked with Downfall of Castle and Country but was injured before the mind control was complete and that there were two dead and one severely injured so they retreated. (this explains why Shalltear seemed to be like a raid boss instead of under their control and why no one was there, but we don’t know who the third person who got hurt is? Maybe the reason they left was because Shalltear fought whoever got close) While he’s explaining this, we can see what look like six people, with the appearance of priests, listening to him.

They think about what to do and also mention that Nigun, from the Sunlit Scripture, is still missing and that the Windflower Scripture is currently chasing “the traitor that stole the Crown of Wisdom from the shaman princess.” (These two we’ve seen before. Nigun is the first villain Ainz killed and the “traitor” was Clementine)
Since they are short on people, they plan on being cautious and to be wary of anyone that can defeat “that monster.” (Shalltear).

the “strong” man reporting to the six priests

Now in E-Rantel, Nfirea and Lizzie Bareare — his grandma — are going to Carne Village, accompanied and protected by Nabe. Nabe tells them that she will accompany them up to Carne Village and then her comrade will take care of them after. (new character?)

When they arrive at Carne Village, there is now a wall and Enri and goblins are waiting for them outside with a red-haired Pleiades named Lupisregina Beta — who we’ve seen before but don’t know much about. She seems nice :D.

Lupisregina Beta introducing herself to Nfirea and grandma

Now at the Re-Estize Kingdom: Capital while it’s raining and dark outside, Sebas is writing a letter and Solution, in her maid uniform, is serving him tea while they look outside at the dark, raining sky.

Sebas and Solution looking outside through the window

Presumably in the same place, Gazef Stronoff is running in the rain in a coat and sees a man sitting in the alley that he recognizes as Brain Unglaus. When he hears his name, the defeated man looks up and says Gazef’s name.

In E-Rantel once more, Ainz — now as Momon — opens the doors to the guild tavern wearing his new adamantite plate and Nabe behind him.
The helpful background characters tell us that he is the third adamantite class adventurer of the kingdom and call him the Raven Black Hero Momon and they call Nabe the Beautiful Princess Nabe. They talk about him more, saying how he destroyed a chunk of the forest in his battle and telling us that adamantite class is the highest class of adventurers.
Ainz asks the clerk for a new mission and she apologizes, saying that there is currently no request big enough for him to take. He gets a call and decides to go to his room, telling the lady to inform him in the place he’s staying in, the Inn of Shining Gold, of any new quests.
While leaving the place, he orders whoever is in the call to “activate” Gargantua and to call Victim as well. He also tells the person that once Cocytus returns, they will take “this chance” and have all the guardians “join in.” (cliffhanger!)

Ainz instructing the person in the call on what to do

I love how they showed us what’s to happen in the story by showing us all the characters 😀

Post Thoughts

I wrote this right after last episode so I’ll clean and release both around the same time.

This anime/season was great and I can’t wait to one day recap the rest of the seasons. It’s exciting and I want to see what will happen next season — from the awesome way we were showed the future of the anime.

This kind of game is amazing and I also hope to one day play an Overlord-like game.

I’ll do the season recap eventually, but for now I’m going to see about doing the video reviews and let’s play videos.

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