Overlord Season 01 Episode 12 Recap

Overlord Season 01 Episode 12 Recap


Ainz uses gate and he, along with Aura and Mare, arrive at a cliff outside. All three seem to have new equipment — Mare has two gloves, Aura has a big scroll, and Ainz is wearing a cool-looking red robe.

Ainz orders Aura and Mare to scout the area for enemies and if they are outnumbered, they are told to retreat to Nazarick. Ainz makes sure that they will retreat, telling them that the world items, Deception of Nature and Society and Avarice and Selfless, are very important to Nazarick and must never be taken away from them. Ainz says, that depending on the situation, they may even be more important than Mare and Aura’s lives.

Ainz also apparently used magic to see that the owner of the world item that’s controlling Shalltear isn’t there — he’s reasonably confused as to why.

Ainz instructing Mare and Aura on what to do in case there are enemies nearby

Albedo and Cocytus are sitting down inside Nazarick, watching Ainz with the use of an ability. (?)
Demiurge comes in and sits down and asks Albedo why she allowed Ainz to go in alone. Although Albedo tells Demiurge that they must obey Ainz, after a small argument, he decides to go assist his master. When he tries to leave though, he is blocked by Cocytus and he realizes that the reason he was called in there after his return was to make sure he didn’t go anywhere.

Seeing that they will not budge, Demiurge reluctantly sits down and they plan to see if Ainz will beat the odds and win victoriously.

Demuirge arguing with Albedo

Ainz is still walking through the forest and he thinks about how everything turned out this way. He promises to get revenge on whoever it was that did this to Shalltear. 😦

Once he’s closer, he informs us that his plan seems to be to resurrect Shalltear once he kills her, but knows that this is a big gamble in itself — since he’s not sure this will even work.
He is risking his own life because he wouldn’t be able to bear seeing his friends’ creations kill each other. 😦


He has made his decision and starts preparing for a fight.

Ainz first uses Body of Effulgent Beryl to see if this will trigger Shalltear to attack — it doesn’t since it isn’t an actual attack.
Ainz then prepares by using: Fly, Bless of Magic Caster, Infinity Wall, Magic Ward: Holy, Life Essence, Greater Full Potential, Freedom, False Data: Life, See Through, Paranormal Intuition, Greater Resistance, Mantle of Chaos, Indomitability, Sensor Boost, Greater Luck, Magic Boost, Draconic Power, Greater Hardening, Heavenly Aura, Absorption, Penetrate Up, Greater Magic Shield, Mana Essence, Triplet Maximize Magic: Explode Mine, Triplet Magic: Greater Magic Seal, and Triplet Maximize Boosted Magic: Magic Arrow. (!)

Ainz charges a Super Tier Magic spell — which is a spell that surpasses tenth tier magic — to — most likely — bring down Shalltear’s HP down as much as possible. Ainz also sets an alarm with a wrist band he pulls out — the wrist band’s AI is voiced by Bukubuku Chagama of course.

Before starting, the last thing Ainz does is put six wooden sticks with, presumably, six different effects on her belt.

the Six wooden sticks that Ainz puts on his belt

Ainz uses his Super Tier Magic: Fallen Down and starts the fight.

After the smoke clears out, Shalltear is still standing there and starts laughing.
She thinks that it’s wonderful that she has to kill such a powerful man like Ainz.

She addresses him as “Ainz-sama” and Ainz asks her why she still addresses him as -sama. She replies by saying that a supreme being such as Ainz can only be addressed as Ainz-sama and then Ainz asks her who her master is now.
Shalltear stops for a second to then ask herself why she’s fighting Ainz. She thinks about it and all she can remember is that she must use all her strength to counter and destroy if she’s attacked — but doesn’t know why.
She knows that the reason doesn’t matter so she still plans on fighting him.

Shalltear happy she has to fight Ainz

She taunts Ainz for thinking that he’s a match for her and she charges at him.

Mid-dash she activates and gets pushed back by mines that were placed by Ainz’s Triplet Maximize Magic: Explode Mine.

Ainz keeps going and uses Maximize Magic: Gravity Maelstrom, throwing a spiral black ball at Shalltear, but she uses Wall of Stone to block it.

Not giving her any time to do anything, Ainz immediately uses Maximize Magic: Hold of Rib and bones, that resemble a rib, come from the ground to try and hold her in. She quickly flies up and gets herself pierced but seemingly slides out after.

Ainz now warns her that he has placed traps all over and tells her to just “flap” her wings over to him.
Shalltear, the taunt master that she probably is, doesn’t fall for it — assuming that he’s probably trapped the air as well.

Ainz would have maybe done this, but according to him, he doesn’t have enough MP to cast spells that may not even help.
She gave him more credit than he deserved.
At this point, he’s also worried about how many spells he has left before he runs out.

Shalltear getting hit by Hold of Rib

Shalltear thinks about what to do next. She believes that attacking him straight on won’t shorten the distance between them and Ainz’s strength, as a magic caster, only exists with MP. She knows that when his MP is gone, she’ll be able to fight him close quarters, seeing how she can fight on HP alone.
Her weapon, the Pipette Lance, is great because it heals her wounds in response to the amount of damage she deals to her enemies and is also the reason why Ainz will most likely not summon creatures to fight for him — because she’ll just heal off of them.
She feels sad for him. Ainz has to fight her all alone.

Shalltear uses Mana Essence to see how much MP he has left but, as she feared, he still has so much. She’s also annoyed that he isn’t wearing his normal god level items to fight him though.

Before starting to fight again, Shalltear uses Regenerate to heal a bit.

Ainz won’t allow for this so he uses Maximize Magic: Gravity Maelstrom again in order to try and stop her.

Shalltear uses Greater Teleportation to avoid the attack but as she’s teleporting, Ainz’s Delay Teleportation kicks in (?) and he uses Drifting Master Mine in her location.

Shalltear manages to avoid it but Ainz uses Maximize Magic: Astral Smite and manages to hit her a bit as she moves towards the ground.

Not giving her a chance to rest, Ainz uses Maximize Magic: Thousand Bone Lance, prompting Shalltear to use Greater Teleportation again and Ainz attacks in the location she appears in, but of course, she also counters by using Negative Impact Shield — Ainz apparently has never seen her use this skill before so this surprises him a bit.

Shalltear presents him with her Purifying Lance, which is a skill that summons an object, according to Ainz (?). The ability locked on to him and hit Ainz in his chest.
She’s laughing because, according to her, as expected, the holy element weapon had a great effect on him so she uses it again.

Ainz uses Maximize Magic: Reality Slash to do great damage to her but thanks to one of her other skills, she healed it all back up like it didn’t happen.
She taunts Ainz by saying that Peroroncino gave this skill to her and it may even be proof that he was superior to Ainz.

It looks like Ainz got a bit hurt and says that this might be what she really feels on the inside. She loses character for a second again and he continues with the fight.

Shalltear brings out her Lance / Javelin-like ability once more and accepts his challenge but thinks to herself that there are limits to how many times she can use these skills (most likely on a daily bases).

Ainz uses his Reality Slash again while she throws her lance at him.

Shalltear checks his MP and notices that he’s a lot lower now and although she’s pretty much used up her skills, she still has MP.

Shalltear using her Purifying Lace

Shalltear uses Maximize Magic: Vermillion Nova and Ainz uses Triplet Maximize Magic: Call Greater Thunder. His ability shocks her while her ability burns him. She notices though, that her fire ability didn’t really affect him so he must have taken precautions against fire damage, and according to Ainz, compensating for your weakness is part of the basics.

She decides to stick to the abilities he’s weakest to and she uses Maximize Magic: Brilliant Radiance while he uses Maximize Magic: True Dark. They both take great damage but she’s happy to know his weakness — which is Holy damage since he’s undead and his robe focuses only on fire protection.
Still watching, Albedo, Demiurge, and Cocytus notice this too and are a bit worried.

Albedo and Demiurge a bit concerned

After presumably a bit more fighting, Shalltear is seeing that Ainz still far surpasses her in battle of magic even with her holy damage but she’s happy that she was able to lower his MP quite a bit.

Meanwhile Ainz uses Body of Effulgent Beryl again — the first spell he used and it seems to be a sort of defense magic according Shalltear. Shalltear decides to attack him physically now because of that.

As she’s preparing to attack, Ainz has a heart-to-heart again with Shalltear and says how, even though he’s still wondering if he was a good guild leader, he fills fulfilled now that he’s fighting in the frontlines for his guild. His form of self-satisfaction and what Shalltear questions if its what some might call a man’s pride instead.

They continue the battle and Shalltear sprouts some wings and uses Summon Household to summon bats.
Ainz uses Sharks Cyclone to counter her bats and she appears from the ability, dodging one of his attacks and piercing him in the chest.

Shalltear drains him a bit and Ainz activates his Body of Effulgent Beryl (?) and he manages to vanish a bit away from the attack and counters with Wall of Skeleton to protect himself.

Shalltear uses Maximize Magic: Force Explosion to blow it up and when she blows up a hole in the wall, she sees Ainz prepare and shoot his Greater Magic Seal that was stored with Greater Magic Seal: Release.

The attack shoots out arrow-like abilities that follow her and manage to hit her and she then uses Magic Destruction to deflect the remaining and she flies to him and pushes him away.

Ainz uses Fly to try and gain control.
He sees that she’s recovered a bit and uses his Reality Slash a couple of more times as she’s flying to him. She blocks two but one hits her.

She bleeds a bit and once she’s in front of him she uses Negative Impact Shield again and this time pushes him to the ground.

She slowly descends and she uses her final trump card, Einherjar, which created a white clone of herself.

Shalltear using Einherjar

She uses Summon Household once more but this time many more creatures appear.

There are a number of them but Ainz plans to deal with them with ranged magic and starts thinking of ways to deal with Einherjar. Einherjar doesn’t give him time to think and it starts attacking him as Shalltear starts healing off from her own monsters by killing them. (op)

Ainz avoids the clone a bit and then uses his skill The Goal of All Life is Death and then Widen Magic to increase the range of his Cry of the Banshee which all together seemingly seems to destroy everything when it activated, also creating an area of sand. (What’s the specific range of this attack?)

Ainz activating The Goal of All Life is Death with Widen Magic and the Cry of the Banshee

The surrounding area is clear of everything and all that is left is Ainz, Shalltear, and a lot of sand.

As the ending song is playing, Shalltear explains that she was resurrected by the item Peroroncino left her. (that’s some kind of trump card).

With Ainz very low on MP at this point and Shalltear at full HP, she’s the most likely to win, even with low MP as well as having used up most of her skills.

She praises him and asks him for any last words as she walks towards him.

Before the episode ends though, he says that he’s grateful for her thinking that way about him and that if she was cautious instead, he wouldn’t have been able to execute everything that well — possibly meaning most, if not all, of the battle went as planned.

Ainz telling her that she basically made a big whoopsie

Post Thoughts

Great episode. So much hype. Can’t wait for the last episode of this season.
This is a fun anime 😀
It’s unlucky that the fight is going to last two episodes though. Leaving us at such a cliffhanger D:

I wasn’t sure how to add the three guardians watching smoothly in the writing. They gave us a bit more suspense and it was interesting seeing them. whoops.

Grade: A

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