Overlord Season 01 Episode 11 Recap

Overlord Season 01 Episode 11 Recap


The episode starts with Ainz saying he has to resort to using a “god level item” — of which we later learn that there are 42 and are the most powerful items in the game.
-We don’t know what it’s called or when he used it (?)

Ainz gets a call from Narberal and after his passive cools him off a bit, she informs him that the leader of the adventurer’s guild, “Ainzach,” has sent a messenger to call for Ainz’s presence at the guild immediately — in order to discuss the vampire that has recently appeared near E-Rantel.
Narberal also has bunny ears (?) but no information about them was given — we just assume that she uses them for enhanced hearing.

Nabe in a call with Ainz

Ainz is now in a room with four other people: Adventurer Team ‘Rainbow’ Moknach, Adventurer Team ‘Sky Wolf’ Bellote, Adventurer Team ‘Kralga’ Igvarge, and the guildmaster Ainzach.
Ainzach talks to the mythril adventurers about about the vampire that seven iron class adventurers came in contact with the night before. Out of the seven adventurers, only two survived and one of the survivors told them about what happened.
They believe that there is a chance that the vampire’s attack was related to the Zurrernor attack that recently happened.
Ainz — as Momon — intervenes and says that these two have nothing to do with each other. He says that the vampire, which he calls Honyopnyoko, is someone he has been chasing for a long time and volunteers his team to defeat the vampire. Momon says that although she’s strong, he has a trump card, which is a magic sealing crystal that contains eighth tier magic. Since this is realm of mythology, they don’t really believe this but have to trust him either way.
For his reward, Momon asks to be orichalcum level at the very least.
When hearing this, Igvarge demands to go as well — since he envies and doesn’t trust Momon.
Momon agrees but tells him that he will most certainly die.

Ainz, as Momon, talks to the four men

Seconds after this, we are now outside in a forest with Momon and his team — Nabe and Hamusuke — along with Albedo and Mare.

Igvarge’s team is all dead and Mare kills him — presumably with one smack in the head. Momon — now as Ainz — tells them to take the bodies back to Nazarick for experimenting. He also tells them to go back and Ainz, along with Albedo, go towards Shalltear.

Momon — now as Ainz — with Albedo, Narberal, Hamusuke, and Mare

Ainz and Albedo arrive to where Shalltear is and Ainz sees that Shalltear was put into mind control so he uses “Shooting Star” — a super rare item that can use the super tier magic spell “Wish Upon A Star” up to three times — in order to nullify the effect.
– He is kind of sad he has to use it, since he spent his entire summoner bonus on gacha tickets in order to get the item.

Ainz wishes upon the item to cure Shalltear from her status effect but it didn’t work.

Ainz doesn’t believe it and quickly teleports away with Albedo.

Ainz attempting to help Shalltear by using his Shooting Star ring

They teleport a bit far away and Ainz loses it. He starts kicking at the ground as his passive cools him down.

He apologizes and explains to Albedo that the only thing that super tier magic cannot beat is a “world item.”
He orders Albedo to raise the security level of Nazarick to maximum and to call back all the guardians that are away.

We see all the guardians take this seriously and prepare.

Solution asks Sebas if they should also return but Sebas tells her that they have been ordered to continue their mission.

Solution wondering if they should head back as well

Ainz is now with Albedo and Yuri — the second-in-command of the Pleiades — in the treasury room that cannot be entered without the ring of Ainz Ooal Gown.

There they proceed towards the mausoleum.

On their way there they meet “Pandora’s Actor,” the guardian of the treasury and Ainz’s creation.
When they first see Pandora’s Actor, he is disguised as Tabula — one of the Supreme Beings and Albedo’s creator — since he’s a shapeshifter and decided to be Tabula for some reason.

Ainz explains to Pandora’s Actor that they are there for World Items and Pandora’s Actor acts a bit weird — like he has Eight Grade Syndrome.
Ainz tries to ignore this but he’s really embarrassed.

He manages to remain calm and tells Pandora’s Actor that he will be taking “Avarice and Selfless,” “Hygieia’s Chalice,” “Billion Blades,” and “Deception of Nature and Society.”

Pandora’s Actor saluting

As they are proceeding, Ainz can’t take it anymore and takes Pandora’s Actor to the side to tell him to please stop talking like that and saluting all the time — oh yeah, he was saluting a lot. He tells Pandora’s Actor that it looks weird.
Pandora’s Actor replies in German and Ainz angrily asks him to not do that either. Ainz found this more embarrassing than the time he rode the hamster Hamusuke.

Ainz embarrassed. Albedo and Yuri being put off by Pandora’s Actor’s Personality

Ainz goes back to Albedo and Yuri and asks Albedo to give the ring of Ainz Ooal Gown that he gave her to Yuri. He explains that if they go further in, the Golems will attack anyone who has the ring.
Only Ainz and Albedo proceed.

The golems there all look like the Supreme Beings that have left and they also have the equipment the Supreme Beings gave to Ainz after they retired from the game.

Although they were okay if Ainz sold the items, he kept them around in case they ever came back . 😦

Albedo is sad and doesn’t tell Ainz why so he continues on by saying that there is an empty spot that he plans to put a statue of himself in.
Upon hearing this Albedo cries and begs him to please rule over them forever. She bows her head down crying.

Ainz wipes the tears off her eyes and asks for her forgiveness. He can’t promise that he’ll stay with them forever and Albedo continues to beg.
Ainz tells her that among the World Items, there are “the power of the Twenty.” Those items have unrivaled destruction but are lost after one use. They have one but he doesn’t want to use such a strong weapon yet.
He plans on giving the guardians world items though.

He tells her that he wants to fight Shalltear alone and doesn’t know if he’ll come back.

There are three reasons why he must go alone.
For one, he says that he has doubts if he’s an adequate ruler — he didn’t think about world items in this world, even when thinking that there might be Yggdrasil players.
The second reason is that there is a high chance that going there, and fighting Shalltear, may be a trap — that she may be used as bait.
The last reason is because he’ll kill Shalltear.

Albedo wants to go but he tells her that he’s the only one that may be able to beat her in 1v1. He’s at a disadvantage but he’s the only one that should go. He will prove he is worthy of being called the supreme one.

Albedo tells him that she will not stop him on the promise that he returns.

He promises he’ll kill Shalltear and return to Nazarick after.

Albedo crying at the thought of Ainz leaving Nazarick

Post Thoughts

Wow. There wasn’t any action in this episode but there was so much drama and excitement. Next episode should be great!

Last episode was about giving Shalltear some love, but this one made us love Albedo even more. It also made us like the guardians a bit more, but that happens all the time.

This episode was kind of sad but it was also very interesting 😦

I hope everything goes well next episode.

Grade: A

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