Overlord Season 01 Episode 10 Recap

Overlord Season 01 Episode 10 Recap

Episode Recap

We are in the city of E-Rantel and we already see a new character — but not really — complain and act spoiled in front of her butler — which we recognize as Sebas.
We don’t really know much about this person — or Sebas for that matter — but we know that they both are from Nazarick.

As the Lady storms off, she commands someone named Zach to prepare her carriage immediately because she doesn’t want to stay in the town for any longer.
We’re sure we haven’t seen “Zach” before and even without that, this episode is already confusing.

the Lady wanting to leave and Sebas in the background

Once Sebas and the Lady arrive at their room we get a complete 180 and she calls him Master Sebas and also apologizes for her rudeness.
We learn that he is acting as her butler for a mission they are in and it seems that their goal is for Zach to betray them.
Also, she is a Pleiades — in case we were keeping track.

The mission seems to include the Lady, Sebas, and Shalltear so far.
Although we don’t know much about the lady, we can see that she’s a bit weird and scary — asking if she can keep Zach afterwards for her enjoyment while having a scary look in her face.
The ability we know she has so far is the one where she covers her eye and can hear and see the men talking outside — kind of like Gara from Naruto — although we don’t know exactly how the ability works.

the Lady apologizing to Sebas when they are both alone

Right after the opening we see Zach driving the carriage and signaling the others to come.

Inside the carriage are: Shalltear, Sebas, the Lady, and two vampire-type women.
They are inside relaxed waiting for the plan to proceed while also talking to each other.
Sebas asks Shalltear why she and Aura don’t seem to get along with each other, to which she replies by saying that Aura’s and her creators were both siblings in real life and Peroroncino built Shalltear to tease Aura — that’s basically it.
She recalls a memory of Peroroncino and Ainz talking.
Although the memory interesting, it’s more interesting knowing that she can recall something even when she should have been just an AI — which we can tell because of the emoticons they use to communicate with.

After Shalltear recalls the memory of Peroroncino being disappointed that his new Eroge game has his sister’s voice in it, Sebas and the Lady are honored to have heard about them from her. This is nice 🙂
Shalltear also seems to know what Voice Actors do from the things she has heard.

Shalltear’s memory of Peroroncino and Ainz talking

Suddenly they stop and are told to get out of the carriage by the men outside.
Shalltear comes out first and calmly cuts a man’s arm and kills him for wanting to touch her.
When he dies, his blood comes out and forms an orb of sorts. They call her a magic caster because of this. (?)
She seems to control the other vampire ladies and tells them to kill the others — since there doesn’t seem to be anyone strong among them.
On the other side, Zach is lured by the Lady and as he tries to grope her, she devours him into her — like a slime.

After they kill everyone, Shalltear is disappointed that they weren’t able to catch anyone “good” this time.

Shalltear with her Vampires after she sees how easy it will be to kill them

One of her vampires informs Shalltear that there is a “nest” of humans nearby and a man named Brian among them that can use martial arts and is able to fight Gazef on equal terms.
Gazef was the warrior from earlier episodes who is considered to be the strongest in the kingdom.

Sebas also informs Shalltear that he and Solution — the lady — have a mission to collect information in the capital so they must leave — leaving Shalltear and the vampires to go for Brain.

Shalltear saying she’ll see them again in Nazarick

We are now in a camp and a blue-haired man is calmly walking towards the commotion. He is informed by someone that there are two women who are killing people there. Brain tells the man to go and fortify their defenses while he goes to deal with them.

Brain going to “stop” the enemy

Meanwhile Shalltear is walking through the cave, killing men while also being bored since they are nothing compared to her.

Brain comes out and cuts Shalltear’s vampire, though not killing her.

Shalltear asks Brain if he needs others and she doesn’t mind if he wants to call them. He of course says that he doesn’t need them since they will just get in his way and the confrontation continues.

The vampire has regenerated and tries to go for Brain but is pushed into a wall.

Brain now introduces himself as “Brain Unglaus” and has to ask for her name — which is Shalltear Bloodfallen.
Brain notices that she is arrogant and that she thinks she is unbeatable so he prepares an attack.

He brings attention to the speed of his “god blade attack,” “God Flash,” and “absolute” area of perception, “Field” and how he believes this will be enough.

Shalltear waits for him to prepare and when she sees he’s finished preparing, she walks into his range and he uses “Whistling Wind” — a move he was saving for Gazef — to try to kill her.

He is immediately frightened and calls her a monster for being able to block his attack.

He’s mad and is being taunted by her.
He is scared but attacks with all he can but she easily blocks his attacks with her finger.
She nonchalantly continues to taunt him and he starts crying.

She does praise him since he can use martial arts and tells him that he’ll be useful for her “master.”

Brain notices he was a “fool” and runs away screaming.

Shalltear let’s him run a bit and then uses most, if not all, of her orb in order to transform — presumably to chase him.

Shalltear taunting Brain — so many amazing moments here

Brain is running and is not stopping to explain to the others.
He goes inside a room and leaves the men to fight Shalltear.

Shalltear comes out all wicked looking and kills the men while also drinking their blood.

All the men there die and she goes to look for Brain, who has escaped through a hole.

She’s mad that he escaped and is told that a number of men are headed their way.

Shalltear mad that Brain escaped

She goes outside and sees the group — the read-haired girl from before also among them.
The mage in the group tells them to prepare their silver weapons as he believes the monster to be a vampire.

Shalltear struggles between capturing, as she was instructed, and the urge to kill them. Meanwhile they prepare their weapons with silver.

Shalltear lunges at them and kills some. She’s leaving the red-haired girl last for her “dessert” and kills of the remaining men.
As she turns to attack the girl, Shalltear sees that she is holding a red potion. Shalltear is shocked at first and as the girl throws the red potion and runs, Shalltear breaks it and stands still for a second.
Also, the potion burned her a bit — kind of interesting and makes sense.

She commands her vampires to capture her in order to question her.

The Red-haired girl holding a red potion (?)

Shalltear uses her visual powers to command the red-haired girl to tell her where she acquired the red potion from.
The red haired girl informs her that she received it from a “black-armored man at an inn in E-Rantel.” Shalltear knows that this man is Ainz but doesn’t know why he gave the red-haired that potion and assumes he must be creating “friendly relationships” for some reason.

Shalltear then asks her why she was there.
She is told that the men in the cave were soldiers turned mercenaries and that the red-haired girl and the team she was in were searching for them. She also told her that the team split up because “something seemed off” and a ranger stationed a bit further away “just in case.”
Shalltear figured out that when the noise must have made the ranger to run.

Shalltear questioning the red-haired girl

Shalltear, mad that she has let two people escape, runs towards the forest and on top of a tree to see if she can spot anyone.

She can’t see anyone and summons her “children” to kill anyone they find in the forest.
While her wolf-like creatures race off to find the ranger, she is mad and disappointed because Ainz will most likely scold her for letting two humans escape.

While she’s sulking, she sees that her “children” were killed and angrily goes towards that location in her “scary” form.


Her vision is blurry and red but we see a group of people and she can already tell that one in particular is strong.

That person immediately tells someone named, “lady Kaire” to “use it.” Shalltear makes a weapon from her blood orb and pushes the strong person away.
-She doesn’t kill him, which is already worrying.

Shalltear blocking a hit from the “strong” person

As someone else comes to block her path Shalltear is hit by some magic and, before it can take full effect, she throws a javelin-like ability, hitting two people: the one who was casting the ability — “lady Kaire” — and the one who was protecting her with a shield.

Shalltear’s ability hitting two people

Shalltear stops moving and we hear Albedo say “Shalltear Bloodfallen has revolted against us.

-This was intense and gave us many questions.
Who are these people? Why were they there? Just how strong is the “strong” man Shalltear mentioned? What’s going to happen to her now? Who were these people??

Shalltear not moving after being hit by the ability

The “Vampire Brides” who were with Shalltear have both died and after Shalltear not responding to Albedo’s calls, Albedo noticed that her name was red.

Since her name is red, she’s not dead. Ainz deduces that other people have used mind control and have possibly turned Shalltear into an enemy. Just like in Yggdrasil.

This posses a few problems.
In Yggrdasil it would usually only be temporary.
Shalltear is undead and has a skill to nullify mind control.
How is this possible. (lol)

Albedo suggests sending a hunting party comprised of her as commander and Cocytus and Mare as vice-commanders in order to kill Shalltear.

Ainz wants to confirm why Shalltear has revolted first.
If this can happen to the NPCs, he wants to find out how it happened and if there is a way to counter it or Nazarick might crumble.

Ainz also wonders if this was maybe her choice but to this Albedo argues that there is not way — and I believe this too, seeing how they all seem to love Ainz and the other creators.

Of course Ainz seems to empathize and understands that if they had free will, it’s possible for Shalltear chose this herself. He tells Albedo that he loves them all and just wants to know and Albedo becomes a comedy relief character and loves the idea of being liked by Ainz and everything cools down a bit… but come on.

The episode ends with Ainz deciding they have to find Shalltear and leaves us with an intense cliffhanger.
We do see though, that it’s day now and Shalltear is alone with no one else around. (??)

Post Thoughts

[ I wrote a lot but it never saved so I’m going to try again ]

It’s been a while and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue writing since my writing isn’t good and because it’s kind of tricky making recaps interesting to read.
I clearly decided against it though.
I’m going to keep writing but also start make videos recapping episodes and the season at the end. I’m also going to do let’s plays because I always thought of making them — I already started but I haven’t uploaded them here yet.
It’s fun writing these and hope to upload them soon.

This episode was intense. It’s hard to convey with just text but this episode was really entertaining. It’s rating is an A for sure.
Really hyped for the next episode!

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