Overlord Season 01 Episode 09 Recap

Overlord Season 01 Episode 09 Recap

Episode Recap

Before the opening, we just get a recap of what happened in the last minutes of the previous episode.

Nabe and Khaj:
When Khaj uses the orb, Nabe remembers that Momon told her to be careful above her. She then looks up and a giant dragon called “Skeletal Dragon” comes forth and tries to attack her. According to Khaj, the Skeletal Dragon is “completely” resistant to magic, which may be a problem for Nabe since she’s a magic caster.
When she hears this, her response is to take out her sword and “beat it to death” instead. She jumps up and smacks it into the ground with one hit… she wasn’t kidding. Of course, this surprises Khaj.
Khaj gets mad and uses “Ray of Negative Energy,” which seems to have regenerated the dragon and as if it weren’t enough he uses: “Reinforce Armor,” “Lesser Strength,” “Shield Wall, and “Undead Flame” in order to buff the monster.
She in turn, uses Reinforce Armor, Shield Wall, “Protection Energy Negative” to buff herself.
She charges at the monster and blocks his hits.
Khaj now surprisingly uses an actually ability to fight and its “Acid Javelin,” which shoots acid. This does nothing to her though, because of her magic defense.
Nabe shoots lighting from her finger towards Khaj but the dragon blocks it with his leg.
Khaj once again uses his jewel in order to summon another Skeletal Dragon. Having summoned another, he has used up all the negative energy he’s collected, but believes once he kills Nabe, Momon and the city, he’ll regain it.
The dragons attack and one stomps on her. She blocks the hit and throws the dragon back.

Nabe VS Khaj 1

Momon and Clementine:
It seems Momon has been trying to hit her with his sword for a while and Clementine calls him out by saying, “You’re just a meathead swinging around a sword.” Since he’s a mage main, the most common answer is that he’s not used to being warrior.
Clementine is done having fun and charges at him very fast and dodges a hit and uses “Impenetrable Fortress.” Momon is knocked a bit back and she goes in to stab him but his armor is really hard and it doesn’t do much.
Since she isn’t able to cut him little by little, she plans on going into his weak spots instead. She lunges at him once again and uses Impenetrable Fortress to block a hit and then “Flow Acceleration” in order to dodge his next attack.
Once she’s in position, she aims for his eyes but it looks like he didn’t take any damage.
This is important for Momon. He learns more about Martial arts and the importance of balancing attacks. He gives her gratitude for teaching him so much.
He now orders Nabe to show Khaj the power of Nazarick and Momon puts his swords down and tells Clementine to attack him “fully prepared to die.”

Momon VS Clementine 1

Nabe and Khaj:
Nabe seems a bit tired and is mad that Khaj still doesn’t know his place. Meanwhile Khaj is also mad at how she’s talking to him and orders the Skeletal Dragons to attack her.
Now is when Momon orders Nabe to show them the power of Nazarick and this is when the tides change.
She will now fight him as Narberal Gamma.
She uses teleportation and appears from above, also using the ability “Fly.”
Khaj is shocked and wonders why she won’t run away if she knows Fly.
Narberal now changes into her maid form and presents herself as one of the Pleiaden battle maids.
She teleports once again and stabs him on his shoulder.
Khaj thinks of this as her trump card but she was just showing him that she can kill her whenever she wants.
She is in the air and thinks it rude to make Ainz wait so she decides to end it. She uses “Twin Maximize Magic. Chain Dragon Lightning,” teaching him that his dragons can die if the magic is strong enough (tier seventh and above). Khaj meanwhile was sad and mad at the fact that in the five years he was preparing, he is going to die in such a short time and to someone capable of using seventh tier and above.
When the ability hits, it destroys the dragons and turns Khaj into dirt.
She finished him using one ability….

Nabe VS Khaj 2

Momon and Clementine:
Meanwhile on the other side, Momon and Clementine are still at a stand.
Clementine is a bit mad that he’s not taking her seriously and decides she should finish up too. She uses “Stride of Wind,” “Greater Evasion,” “Ability Boost,” and “Greater Ability Boost” before lunging at him one last time.
She manages to hit him inside his helmet in his eyes and uses Lighting, she uses her other sword and uses fire.
He grabs her and reveals that he’s an undead, or an Elder Lich to be exact.
She is really mad but cannot escape, he’s holding onto her really hard and keeps on taunting her. He begins to squeeze and squeeze while taking his time and she’s trying to fight back as much as possible. She kicks and hits and head slams. He puts his other hand on her back and “”… she’s dead.

Momon VS Clementine 2

He walks away and Hamusuke is running at him when he notices a scary looking skeleton. Narberal wonders if they should even keep him but Ainz sees him to be valuable as the Wise King of the Forest so he decides to keep him.
He tells Narberal to take their things before the others arrive and to leave only their bodies for the people who come.

He goes down to Nphirea and isn’t fazed to see that his eyes were taken away. He appraises the item he was using and destroys it using “Greater Break Item” since it would dirty his name if he doesn’t accomplish the mission to take him to his grandma. He also brings his sight back as a bonus.

Narberal and Hamusuke are there waiting for him and Hamusuke once again pledges his loyalty to him.

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Post Thoughts

rating: 4.5 / 5

This is an old post I had written up and I’m deciding to now post it. I am working on another one and I’ll explain more things there… or just confuse more, either is okay.


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