Overlord Season 01 Episode 08 Recap

Overlord Season 01 Episode 08 Recap

Episode Recap

Clementine has apparently been waiting for days and reveals that she is there to kidnap Nphirea for his ability.
Once the Swords of Darkness hear about her plans, they quickly tell Ninya to take Nphirea and make a run for it (in this interaction, we learn that Ninya’s sister was taken by Aristocrats and that Ninya’s goal is to save her. Might be important later?).
Before they can run away, Khaj comes in from the door; blocking their only way out. With his magic, he also made sure to not allow their noises to be heard outside.
The Swords of Darkness and Nphirea are all scared, not knowing what’s going to happen to them.


Meanwhile, Momon has just finished registering Hamusuke into his team and has met up with Nabe and Hamusuke outside.
Just then they see Nphirea’s grandma and they decide to go together.

Once they are inside the shop, Momon can tell something is wrong. He goes into the storage room and sees the Swords of Darkness dead and turned into zombies.
Momon kills them and seems that Nphirea and Ninya are missing. He goes off to look further in and tells Nabe to go protect the grandma.
Momon finds Ninya and sees that she was tortured to death, even he found this displeasing. He also found out that Ninya was actually a female.
(not that important, but we know now she was pretending to be a guy to fit in?)
Momon concludes that their goal was to take Nphirea since nothing else seemed to be stolen.
Momon and the grandma make an agreement: he will bring back Nphirea in exchange for everything she owns.
She describes this interchange as making a deal with a demon in exchange for her soul. She doesn’t care though; she just wants her grandson back.

Grandma agreeing to give Momon everything in exchange for her grandson back

As he’s preparing to track down the stolen plates in order to find out where they took Nphirea, he gets a call from Entoma, one of the maids.

We don’t get much from their conversation because he tells her that he’s busy and he’ll hear what she has to say after he’s done, to which she tells him to call Albedo instead when he finishes.

After the call, he continues by taking out many scrolls, some are needed to find the items and the others are used to protect oneself. (this is the basic necessities when finding an item apparently)
Nabe is then instructed to use the scrolls. (if we remember correctly, Momon can’t use many spells in this form)
After she finishes uses the scrolls, she pinpoints the location to be the cemetery and then she uses two other scrolls to be able to see the location.
They see many undead and plan to head there while breaking through the horde and while grandma tells the guild about what’s happening.

The basic needed scrolls/spells in order to locate an item and have a quick peek

We are now at the cemetery when the guards hear and see the undead coming towards them. They are understandable frighten and send one to call for backup while the rest try to hold them back.
The undead are climbing the walls and the soldiers try their best to push them back but while they are planning on retreating, they bump into Momon. (they also think low of him because he’s a copper-plated adventurer)
Momon throws one of his swords and destroys a big enemy.
He then makes his way over the wall and proceeds to fight them, his partners follow.
Not long after, the guards hear that its gone real quiet and that the adventurer managed to kill so many already. They are all very impressed and praise him 😀

one of the undead trying to get passed one of the guards

Momon is now fighting and swinging his sword against the undead. He makes his way towards the location with Nabe and Hamusuke in the air so that Hamusuke isn’t targeted more.

Nabe has Momon explain to her the plan again and why they don’t do it differently. She gives her opinion on what would be best and wonders why they are doing it his way and Momon, shocked that he didn’t think of it, dismisses this and tells her that she’ll never learn if he has to explain everything all the time. (nice save)

To save time, he summons “Jack the Ripper” and “Corpse Collector” in order to make a way for them to pass faster.

Jack the Ripper and Corpse Collector

They leave Hamusuke in a tree while they proceed to confront Khajit and his men trying to do the ritual.

Momon asks for Nphirea and to see Khajit’s ally who has the piercing weapon (Clementine).
Clementine reveals and introduces herself.
Momon leaves Nabe to deal with Khaj and tells her to keep an eye above.
He and Clementine go farther away to fight.

Nabe starts off with “Twin Maximize Magic, Electrosphere” and takes out Khaj’s men but only hurts him a bit.

Khaj and his men trying to do the schedule

While Momon and Clementine are walking, she tries taunting him but he doesn’t really get mad. He explains that he was using them to further his name and because she interfered, she will suffer.
Clementine says that it’s unfortunate Momon won’t have Nabe to help, since Khaj is going to beat her. Clementine also says that the only ones in the country that can compete with her are, someone from “Blue Rose,” someone from “Drop of Red,” and the others would probably be Gazef Stronoff, who we know, and “Brain Unglaus.”
Momon laughs it off and even wants to give her a handicap. Of course she laughs and says that someone who has “stepped into domain of hero territory” would never lose.
(The handicap that he gives her is that he won’t fight her seriously) lol.

Momon being cool and Clementine being arrogant

Post Thoughts

whoops. this took longer than I would have wanted.
It was a sad start, seeing that the Swords of Darkness have all died.
I got over it pretty fast though, and decided to write for the next episode… I’m still pretty bad and finding my preferred style.
Rating: 3.8/5
These ratings are really bad lol. I just write them in the moment.
This episode was interesting and seeing that people we meet in one episode can die the following ones was interesting. We are also finally being promised the fight int he next episode. I just hope that it doesn’t take more than one episode to see Momon and Nabe’s strength compared to strong characters of this world.

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