Overlord Season 01 Episode 07 Recap

Overlord Season 01 Episode 07 Recap

Episode Recap

There is still awkwardness in the air about the night before. Momon doesn’t know how to break the ice and apologize (so is Ninya) but he finds a good segue when Ninya starts talking about north of the “Azerlisia” mountains and how there is said to be “Frost Dragons” there. He manages to break the ice by asking Ninya if he knows the name of the dragon that “freely controls nature.” He doesn’t but will ask once they return to town.
In Yggdrasil, dragons were considered the strongest species, so Momonga believes he should be wary of them.

Ninya apologizing to Momon for what he said the night before

Once they are near Carne Village, they notice a wall surrounding the village and goblins that seem to be guarding it. The goblins don’t want to fight unless they have to so they ask them to drop their weapons.
At this point, Enri comes out to ask what’s going on.
The goblins seem to have been summoned with one of the horns that Momon (as Ainz) gave to Enri a while back. Meanwhile, while Nphirea and Enri greet each other, Momon also makes the connection that the “friend” Enri was referring to was Nphirea.

Scawy short confrontation

Enri and Nphirea go inside a house and she explains what happened in the village. As he wants a reason to tell her his feelings, he wimps out on asking her to marry him and just tells her he’s there to help.
She then talks about how she summoned all those goblins from an item their savior, Ainz Ooal Gown, gave her. According to her, all the goblins are under her control and do what she says.
Enri says she would like to meet him again to thank him and of course, Nphirea freaks out about her wanted to talk to someone.
We do get some maybe valuable information from this: when Enri tries to describe an ability Ainz Ooal Gown used, Nphirea states it might have been a third tier magic because that is the highest a “normal person” can cast.
(If we remember correctly, it was fifth their magic).
He also believes that he may have 5th tier magic and be of hero class.
Enri mentions how he also gave her a “red potion” which healed her wound.
While Nphirea is remembering the red potion he saw in the last episode, Enri also mentions that Ainz was with someone with full armor; she even calls her by her name: Albedo.
It doesn’t take long for Nphirea to put the pieces together and figure out that Momon is actually Ainz Ooal Gown, the towns savior.
He reveals in his mind that he wanted to get close to such a person in order to find out more about the potion, so he hurries out the door and goes to find Momon.

Enri talking about the town’s savior and Nphirea embarrassing himself

Momon and Nabe are on top of a hill and he is glad to see that the villagers are learning to defend themselves, although Nabe doesn’t seem surprised since they are still weak.
Nphirea then runs over to Momon to confirm his real identity.
He thanks him for saving the village and although he doesn’t know why Momon is hiding his real identity, he decides not to ask him and to thank him for saving the person he loves instead.
Nphirea comes clean to Momon and explains that the red potion can’t be made by normal means and wants to get to know the person who made it: this is why he requested Momon.
Momon confirms that Nphirea doesn’t have any evil intentions and is the only one who knows his real identity so Momon asks for him to keep it that way.
Nphirea then thanks Momon again and goes back into the village.
Since it was because of Nabe that Nphirea found out, she almost kills herself as an apology but is stopped at the last second by Momon. He tells her to learn from her mistakes and she’s forgiven.

Nabe literally almost having killed herself

As they are going to enter the forest, Nphirea asks that if they happen to come across the Wise King of the Forest, he wants Momon to send it away without killing. The reason is that because it’s the Wise King of the Forest’s territory, monster don’t come from the forest and attack the village. Momon agrees and asks for Nabe and himself to survey the area first.
While inside, Momon is a bit far from them now and talks to Aura. Nabe was scared, not knowing that Aura was there since when they entered the forest. Aura’s mission is to send the monster their way and she already has an idea on who they were referring to.

Once she finds the cave that the monster is sleeping in, Aura uses one of her abilities to wake up the monster and send it straight to Momon and the party. (the ability seemed to consist of her blowing air out of her mouth).
The party leaves while Momon stays behind to deal with the monster.

The monster throws an attack with his tail and Momon successfully stops it.
He is praised for stopping the attack and told to leave or else.
When told to show himself, it appears to be “Djungarian hamster,” and it looks just like a giant hamster with a snake-like tail. It is surprised to hear that Momon knows of his kind.
Momon is letdown and uses a skill called “Aura of Despair Level 1.” This scares the monster and it surrenders. It’s also funny seeing how sad it is at the thought of Aura skinning it for a hide. ( poor giant hamster 😦 )

The Wise King of the Forest talking to Momon

If you are a fan of this monster, then you will be glad to know that it was not killed and that its master is now Momon.
Of course, everyone else is shocked and amazed of how amazing Momon is for conquering such a “strong” and “wise” monster.
Momon is shocked they think this of the monster.
Nphirea asks again if the village will suffer if the monster leaves. There is a possibility, so Nphirea wants to work under Momon in order to help the village. He wants to learn from Momon and become strong.
Momon laughs and declines but says he will defend the town in the monster’s place.

Momon showing the Wise King of the Forest to everyone

We are back in the city and they are splitting up: Momon plans on registering the new member while the party goes to help Nphirea leave his things at home.
Nphirea is now home and tells the rest to start bringing everything in. When he goes to see if his grandma is home, he is welcomed back by Clementine with a sinister look on her face. Then the episode ends…

Clementine with a sinister smile on her face

Post Thoughts

It was fun seeing Carne Village and Enri again. Apart from having a group of Goblins to help, the village seems to now be safe under the protection of Ainz. (what a lucky village)
The non-fun part of this episode was seeing that the Swords of Darkness are most likely in trouble.
We hope they will be okay but we won’t know until we see the next episode.

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