Overlord Season 01 Episode 06 Recap

Overlord Season 01 Episode 06 Recap

Quick Summary

Uneventful at times but we learned more things. Not much fighting in this episode but it is setting up for later episodes.

Episode Recap

The party has now departed on their mission to take Nphirea to the forest. They are in the roads when Nphirea suggests stopping for a break.
While in their break, they talk about the magical creature from the forest called the “Wise King of the Forest.” It’s described as a silver four-legged beast with the tail of a snake. It’s also wise and capable of using magic. Momon finds it interesting and says he would like meet the creature.

Depiction of the “Wise King of the Forest”

After the opening, Demiurge walks into Ainz’s bedroom where he finds Albedo naked with a body pillow of Ainz. She was hoping to envelop Ainz with her scent when he came back, even though he probably won’t be there because he’s undead and doesn’t need sleep. She apparently made the pillow herself and already has clothes for their future children.

I’m sure that you have guessed this doesn’t much to do with the story.

Demiurge seeing Albedo with her body pillow of Ainz

Momon is talking to Ninya and trying to learn more but then while
Lukrut tries to hit on Nabe again, she lets slip that he knows Albedo. (Nphirea reacts to this)
When monsters arrive, he plan on attacking them while the other team defends their client and also provides support. They may seem like noobs, but they already seem to have different formations.
Momon simply walks into to the enemy and kills each in one move. The team is impressed and believe him to possibly be adamantite level. (for killing one monster?) They make sure no monsters escape and although the fighting wasn’t all that exciting, they thought he was cool for the way he handled them. Since the monsters don’t drop any crystals, they have to cut their parts (in this case the ear) and later turn them in for rewards.

Momon fighting the mobs

They are now next to a campfire and since Momon is unable to eat, he’s thinking of what to do.
He finally says that because of his religion, they “shouldn’t eat with more than four” on the days they take a life.
After they buy it, Momon asks about their team name. Apparently Ninya came up with it and it is a reference from the swords of one of the “Thirteen Heroes. ” Momonga is shocked since that is the only reason and if its something everyone should know about. (he gets saved by Nabe)
The one called “Black Knight” owns four swords that are called the “swords of darkness.” The goal of the team is to collect all four and, for the meantime, they have placeholders until they one day collect them.
Momon reminisces about him and his team.
Nphirea mentions how they all get along and wonders if all adventurers are this way. One of the reasons, according to Lukrut, is that they get along well because they are all men and women only get in the way.
When they ask Momon if he had a team, he tells them the story of how he was saved by someone and then later made a team. He says he’ll always remember them because they were like family.
While being sad, but happy, Ninya says that she is “sure” that he will “find allies like them again.” This is sort of a trigger for Momon and he sternly says how that will never happen. He and Nabe go off to “eat” somewhere else.
Ninya feels bad for mentioning that. The team believes that his teammates must have died and he still feels pain.
Ninya plans on making it up to him in the future and thinks about his sister. (maybe he lost her?)
They talk about and mention how he might be “at the same level” as the “strongest adventurers” and we see the silhouettes of 5 characters. (They all are wearing the adamantite plates and all look to be female. Two also look the same). (can’t wait to see them!)
When the team mentions how cool he was and that he must have trained for a long time. Nphirea suddenly asks more about him and asks about his origin country.
Nphirea is then told that Momon probably doesn’t have any problems with the females and that makes Nphirea uneasy. Nphirea says how there is someone in Carne village that he doesn’t want to fall in love with Momon. They then proceed on asking him questions about her.
(I’m not a big Nphirea fan)

The five “strongest” adventurers

We finally get somewhere interesting.
It’s at night and Clementine is off finding information on Nphirea’s whereabouts. While some are off dead, she slowly chases and terrifies a person. She informs him that she loves killing and torturing, which only makes him run away. Clementine stabs the person and is able to mind-control him with an ability after landing the hit. She then proceeds to try and get more information from him.
We return to Khaj and he’s still underground and this time creating zombies using his “orb of death.” We learn that he has been planning for years on turning the city of E-rantel into a “city of death” by using a ritual called “Spiral of Death.” If successful, he would then become an “Elder Lich” and therefore, immortal.
They both seem to only been working together for mutual benefit and are passive aggressive any chance they get.
After she is leaving he gives us more information: she once held the ninth seat in the Black Scripture, her power is that of hero class, and that she carries a “corrupt” personality so she’s really troublesome (we could guess that last one).

Khaj and Clementine being passive aggressive

Post Thoughts

The most important things that happened in this anime was: learning about the Wise King of the forest, the “strongest” adventurers, and more about Clementine and Khaj’s plan.
Rating: 3/5
A lot of unimportant things happened this episode, but we were set up with many things in the future. We also learned more information 🙂

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