Overlord Season 01 Episode 05 Recap

Overlord Season 01 Episode 05 Recap

Quick Summary

Ainz goes into cover as an adventurer with one of the maids. He plans on getting as much information as possible while climbing up the ranks. We also get to see a new enemy.

Episode Recap

Ainz and Albedo are in his office while she briefs him on what has happened so far in the day.
Aura has not had much luck in the search for other Yggdrasil players and Aura is going to increase the search into the woodlands near Nazarick.
She also informs him of the man they captured, Luin, and what they managed to get out of him. His nation seems to be under the belief that humans should unite against all other races, so Ainz decides to avoid Slane Theocracy for now.
The last discussion is about the village. Ainz has already decided that since it’s the only “foothold” they have obtained on friendly terms, they should avoid creating a negative image of themselves as much as possible.

After they finish their daily report, Albedo goes on for a bit about how much she loves him and Ainz feels the need to tell her that he messed with her settings and that’s why she feels like that. Of course, Albedo doesn’t mind and she knows that Tabula (her creator) would not mind at all that Ainz did that.
Shalltear also comes in and, of course, Albedo and her try to get the other one mad (until they are ordered to stop).
Apparently, Shalltear came by to give her regards before she left on an assignment Ainz gave her and Sebas.

Albedo and Shalltear mad at each other

After the opening, we are now in the “Fortress City of E-Rantel” with Ainz and Narberal, the maid from episode one, walking inside a pub.
He and Narberal seem to be in disguise: Momonga is wearing his armor while Narberal seems like a regular human.
He pays extra for a room since he’s a copper level adventurer, just having registered, and also gets picked on by some other person for looking new. He throws the man that mocked him but breaks down a table and a female adventurer’s potion. The adventurer then make sure to let him know that she wants to be paid back for she struggled to be able to buy her potion.
Before he can decide what to do, Narberal seems to be annoyed at the human and is close to taking out her sword when Ainz quickly pays the adventurer with one of his red potions. The adventurer seems to be intrigued with color of the potion, but doesn’t say anything to him.
(We can conclude here that potions aren’t usually red and it wasn’t just Enri’s limited knowledge that found the red potion to be weird)

The red-headed silver-plated adventurer mad about her potion getting destroyed

Once in the room, Narberal asks what they should do to the adventurer and Momonga sees that she also, like Albedo, hates humans. He doesn’t expect to change her opinion of them, but asks her to keep her hostility to a minimum. He also asks her to call him “Momon” instead of Ainz-sama and for her to go by Nabe instead of “Narberal Gamma” in order to keep their real identities hidden.

Their main objective here is to go undercover as young adventurers and to gain knowledge about the world while also ranking up.

Momon explaining the details of the objective to Nabe

The red-headed silver-plated adventurer goes into “the best pharmacist in town” run by “Nphirea Balear,” and his grandma “Lizzy Balear,” in order to get her new potion appraised.
To their surprise, the red potion is a “true potion” which no one should be able to make. It is equal to a second tier healing spell and worth 8 gold. The grandma then has a request for the adventurer.

Grandma talking about the potion to the red-headed adventurer

While trying to get a quest, and being unable to read the language, he picks one at random and successfully tricks the person behind the desk to give him the highest available copper quest.
After accomplishing this, he is met with a group of adventurers that give him the opportunity to help them with their job.
This group is called the “Swords of Darkness” and their members are: “Peter Mauk,” their leader; “Lukrut Volve,” the team’s eyes and ears; “Dyne Woodonder,” the druid in charge of healing magic and manipulation of nature; and “Ninya,” the magic caster and brains of the team.
The special one in the group seems to be the magic caster with the special ability, “Magic Affinity,” which seems to be able to cut the required time to learn magic in half.
They then start talking about Balear, who is apparently even more talented than Ninya. His special skill is to be able to use all magic items. (what!)
Afterwards, they talk about their mission, which is to hunt for monsters around the forest south of the city. Momon doesn’t seem to mind and also shows his “real face” to them since they will be working together; in reality, it is just an illusion.
Once the formal introductions are done, Lukrut confesses his love for Nabe to which gets sadistically rejected, but of course he doesn’t mind.
(I mention this only because I felt bad for him for not knowing his place)

Dyne Woodonder, Peter Mauk, Lukrut Volve, Ninya, Momon, and Nabe walking down the stairs

Once they start going down the stairs (yeah they were upstairs), Momon is told that he has a special request from Nphirea. Nabe goes in front of him ready to attack if she thinks it necessary but she gets karate chopped in the head by Momon and told to not move without thinking.
Momon decides to listen to his request before deciding what to do: Nphirea wants someone to guard him while he visits the forest near Carne Village and collects herbs. Although Momon doesn’t really want to do it because he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to protect a third party, he decides to hire the Swords of Darkness to help him protect Nphirea.
Before continuing, he asks why he was chosen and Nphirea tells him that it was because he easily knocked over the man at the inn and since he’s a copper adventurer, it would be cheaper. Momon agrees but he also has something in his mind. (it could be that he doesn’t fully believe his reasoning and it has something to do with the red potion or if he’s the friend Enri was talking about) (I believe it to be the first one).

Nabe getting hit by Momon

Near the ending (what a quick episode) we see a creepy female looking villain going into a secret area inside a tomb. She meets someone she calls “Khaj” and he comes out as and asks her to stop calling him that since it is disrespectful to the “honorable” name of “Zurrernor.” (we learn few moments later that it is, or was, an organization)
She is apparently there to give him the “Crown of Wisdom,” which is “proof of the shaman princess.” It is also apparently one of the “great treasures of the Slane Theocracy.”
She seems like a sadistic character, having forcefully taken it from the princess and taking everything so far as a joke. She was also apparently part of the “Black Scripture.”
The item itself is useful unless someone compatible is wearing it, that’s when she asks for help creating chaos while she captures someone who is able to use such an item. (most likely Nphirea). (her name is Clementine in case you wanted to know).

Khaj and Clementine

Post Thoughts

We get new evil characters right after just having seen one lose to Ainz. Will these two be enough to challenge Ainz :D? There were many characters that showed up this episode but my favorites are Nabe, because she’s pretty cool, and Clementine because of her voice. (sub not dub)
Rating: 3.5 we learned a lot and it wasn’t that boring. No real fighting this episode but we’re building up to it.

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