Overlord Season 01 Episode 04 Recap

Overlord Season 01 Episode 04 Recap

Quick Summary

Sasuga Ainz-sama

Episode Recap

A priest and the evil-looking man from the previous episodes are inside a church and the priest gives us information on the man; his name is “Nigun Grid Luin” and we learn that he is the captain of the “Sunlit Scripture,” which is one of the “six scriptures that serves the Six Great Gods.”
Nigun is given an order by the priest to eliminate “the strongest warrior of the Re-Estize Kingdom,” which we know, and are reminded, is Gazef Stronoff.
In case that he has trouble eliminating Gazef, Luin is given a treasured item that contains “a miracle of the gods.” (that is all the information that we are given)

In this episode, we are being promised a confrontation between “the strongest warrior of the Re-Estize Kingdom” and the leader of “one of the six scriptures that serves the Six Great Gods.”
This is interesting because we will finally get to see just how strong some of the strongest of this world might be and where along those lines Momonga is.

Head priest and Luin

After the opening, it seems that the Slane Theocracy magic casters, who are part of the “special ops unit directly under the “Head Priest,” have surrounded the village.
Gazef strongly believes that the Slane Theocracy was behind the previous attack on the village: just like Momonga thought.
While inside, Momonga notices that next to the Mages are monster from Yggdrasil called “Archangel Flame” and wonders why they are there, but before he can try to guess, Gazef asks Momonga if he can hire his services. Of course, Momonga accepts decides to decline but surprisingly, Gazef doesn’t ask again and then thanks Momonga again for saving the village and asks him to please protect the village.
Momonga agrees to that and gives him a little sculpture-looking gift before he heads out. (what a lame gift)

Momonga giving Gazef the sculpture-looking item

Their plan seems to be to break through and lead the enemy away from the village since they are only after Gazef. Gazef himself though, plans to stay and fight. While his men are riding away, he tries to fight one of the monsters and uses a skill called “Martial Art, Focus Battle Arena” in order to it. At this point, he knows that he might die but trusts that Momonga will protect the village even in his absence.
We hear yelling and Gazef’s men come back willing to fight alongside him (even at such a disadvantage). Gazef plans on attacking Luin since he is the leader and goes towards him while attacking those that get in his way. He shows us three more skills: “Martial Art, Sixfold Slash of Light,” “Martial Art, Instant Counter,” and “Flow Acceleration.” Although he is a bit tired, he and his men believe they can do it. To this, Luin tries to discourage them and summons another set of Angels to target Gazef (this does discourage them a bit).

Gazef seeing his men come back

The fight has been going on for a while and many of Gazef’s men are in the ground.
He’s tired and has almost been defeated. Luin mentions that once he kills Gazef, he plans on massacring everyone in the village.
He laughs and tells him that even Luin and his men won’t be able to do anything to the villagers because of Momonga.
Luin sees this as a bluff and as he attempts to kill Gazef with his angels, Momonga switches places with Gazef and his men by using the sculpture he gave Gazef earlier.

Gazef mentioning how Momonga will massacre them

Now we are hopefully going to get to see Momonga in action

Momonga says that he is mad that they threatened to kill the people he bothered saving and he gives them an ultimatum:
“Offer your life to me without resistance. If you do so there will be no pain.”, or “…you will die painfully and in despair for your foolishness.”
(We can guess what their answer was)

They send two angels to attack Momonga and he takes the hit like it was nothing. He explains how he felt nothing because of his passive, “High Tiered Physical Nullification,” which completely nullifies physical attacks of “low-level” weapons and monsters. (He takes no damage from these!)
He plans on getting them to tell him how they got those Angels and Luin is a bit scared now; he sends all the angels his way. To this Momonga uses “Negative Burst” which creates a dark explosion around him: killing all those monsters in a second. Luin then remembers what Gazef warned them about and is shocked that he wasn’t lying.

Luin’s men are also very scared and all shoot different kinds of spells that Momonga recognizes from Yggdrasil like: “Holy Ray,” “Poison,” “Shock wave,” “Fire Rain,” “Confusion,” “Charge of Stalagmite,” “Open Wounds,” “Fire,” “Word of Curse,” “Blindness,” and many more for sure.
Momonga is a bit mad now and wants to know how they all know these spells, of course this gets them even more scared. One reacts by throwing a stone with a slinger since he doesn’t know what to do and Albedo jumps in to throw it back harder: resulting in the man’s head being blown off.
This surprised them more than scaring them since it happened so fast.
Although Albedo knows that that kind of move would do nothing to Momonga, she responds by saying “there is a bare minimum that must be met to fight with you, Supreme One” and may have taken such an attack to not be worth his time.

Luin now tries to use their other monster called “Principality of Observation” to attack Momonga. With some background theme playing, we assume that this is going to be crazy, but the Angel’s attack does nothing and Momonga kills this it in one hit with a spell called “Hell Flame.”

They are all very scared and Luin uses their trump card. The item he was given by the head priest, which Momonga recognizes as a “sealing crystal,” which have the ability to “seal any magic other than the top tier spells.”
Momonga prepares for this attack by asking Albedo to use her “skill” to protect him. (no more information on this given).
Luin summons a monster called “Dominion Authority.” Momonga sees that this is their trump card and he is “speechless,” but only because he was on guard for such “child’s play.”
Luin cannot fathom this and asks the Angel to use “Holy Smite,” which is a seventh tier magic spell that in his words, “no man can go against.”
A beam comes and Momonga laughs as he understands the feeling of damage now.
Albedo freaks out, Momonga asks her to calm down since although the “surprising weakness of the angels” was unexpected, everything else went “according to plan.”
He uses “black hole” and the monster disappears into a dark whole.
Then they see a crack in the sky and apparently Luin was being watch with “information magic” and the observers had apparently seen enough. (although Momonga does say that they must have not been able to see much because his “counterattacking defense barrier” activated)

Luin now starts begging for his life since he knows he cannot win. Albedo instead wants Luin to be thankful he is being killed by Momonga and before the scene ends, Momonga repeats to Luin some words that Luin told Gazef earlier.

Luin in fear

We cut to them walking back and Albedo loves how cool Momonga was. She asks Momonga why he saved Gazef and gave him such an “important item;” however, for Momonga at least, it was a useless item from the “500 yen gacha machine.”
He tells her that they must be cautious in this new world since they don’t know much about the enemies strength and should assume that they are stronger than themselves. (She then believes that he used Gazef as a pawn in order to judge their strength, which is kind of true). After Momonga becomes embarrassed? from Albedo saying how much she loves him, they continue walking home.

Albedo loving how cool Momonga looked during the fight

Momonga is in his sitting down on his throne and apologizes that he went alone. He then tell them that Albedo will inform them of what happened over there, but proceeds to first burn his flag and officially change his name to “Ainz Ooal Gown.” They all love the name and tell him how amazing he is. He then gives them the “Absolute order” of making the name “Ainz Ooal Gown” an “eternal legend.” Before the anime goes into the ED, he is hoping to one day reach his friends if they are in this world.

Everyone happy at Momonga’s new name

After the ED, and probably for the first time, something else goes on.
In an ominous setting, Albedo asks Demiurge to inform everyone of his conversation with Ainz.
Demiurge’s interpretation of what Ainz said is that he wants to conquer this world and its “box of treasures.” Albedo ends by saying that the “final goal of the Great Tomb of Nazarick” is to conquer the world and present it to Ainz.
This will now be their other absolute mission and will shape the future of the anime.

Demiurge as he is going to explain what he was told that day

Post Thoughts

What an amazing episode. I get excited every time at the sight of his power. Compared to Gazef and one of the leaders of the “Six scriptures,” Momonga Ainz seems to be at a much higher level than both.
He’s so strong and, as of now, no one is a match for him.
rating: 4.5/5 | We finally get to see some abilities thrown around. It’s exciting 😀

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