Overlord Season 01 Episode 03 Recap

Overlord Episode 03 from the first season.

Quick Summary

In this episode we learn about a new character, called “Stronoff.” We know that he is going to appear next episode, but not much after that.
Momonga also notices that he doesn’t feel emotions, and may be due to him being undead.

Episode Recap

The anime starts with men on horses going towards a village that is burning (most likely the aforementioned “next village” from last episode).
When they arrive at the burnt down village, two men are conversing between each other. One, who is most likely an important character because of his characteristics, refers to the other person as “Vice-Chief.” Vice-Chief could be important, but he’s most likely there to give us some more information about the more important one, who we learn has the title of “Head Warrior.”
Head Warrior asks Vice-Chief to “take a few men and guide the survivors back to E-Rantel” (which we assume is the place they are from) but Vice-Chief reminds Head Warrior that they were ordered by the king to investigate the village’s attackers and eliminate them. He also mentions that if the attackers happen to be “Baharuth knights”, they only have 50 men, which makes it sound like it’s not enough to deal with the Baharuth knights. We get even more information when we are told that it’s possible that nobles from their own village may have planned this in order to get rid of the Head Warrior, and have enough “firepower against the King.” Vice-Chief suggests for all of them to head back instead of splitting up, because losing “the most powerful swordsman in the country” would be far worse than sacrificing a few villages. We are also informed that both are from “common birth” and how when they were younger, they could only hope for “powerful nobles” or “adventurers” to save them. Head Warrior then ends by saying he wants them to be the ones to appear before them and “show them the strong which protect the weak!” (meaning of course that he doesn’t plan on retreating)

Vice-Chief and Head Warrior

After the opening, we see Momonga use a mirror-like item, called “Mirror of Remote Viewing,” to examine the areas outside Nazarick, but seems to have trouble using it. After learning how to do whatever it was that he did, he gets a view of a village, and at first, he believes there to be a festival but after zooming in he sees knights killing villagers. The first thing that interests him though is that seeing people die doesn’t affect him like it would have before he came into this world; he can calmly watch people die. Sebas asked what they should do, but Momonga doesn’t see any benefit in helping, so decides not to, but then changes his mind when he sees, what we presume to be an old friend, “Touch Me” reflected by Sebas. (Sebas mentioned a few moments earlier that Touch Me was his creator, so it’s possible they are alike and honorable)

Sebas and Touch-Me

We cut to see what we can assume to be an event from the past and we get to see people discriminating on an undead character and almost finishing off this person until a Hero comes and saves him. We believe these two to be Touch Me and Momonga.
We can easily see who the cool one was in this relationship.

Momonga then convinces himself to help since he will eventually need to test out his strength in this new world. He commands Sebas to “Raise the security level or Nazarick to maximum”, to tell Albedo to join him with full armor, and to “Send in a few soldiers who are skilled at stealth or have the invisibility skill.”
Already before going in he has planned so much. He plans on repaying Touch-san by saving these people and also travels by using “gate.”

We see two girls here, Onee-chan Enri and Nemu, and they ran away after their father risked his life to give them a chance at escaping. Enri is injured but plans on risking her own life for Nemu to escape. These two men who were chasing seem to not care about killing people and plan on finishing off these two girls but stop short when the portal, “gate,” appears. Momonga comes out and uses “Grasp Heart”, which gives him one of their hearts and then proceeds on crushing it with his hand. The man instantly dies and Momonga mentions how he was thinking of running away if his “favorite undead skill”, which is a 9th tier spell, didn’t work on the humans of this world. Momonga also mentions how he has apparently “both physically and mentally” “stopped being human” since killing someone gave him no feeling of remorse.
When the other person is planning on running away, Momonga decides to experiment on him with an ability to see how much damage the person takes. The ability he decided on was a 5th tier magic spell called “Dragon Lightning” and the man dies instantly. He mentions how the person is “weak” for dying to his 5th tier magic spell.

The scene right after Momonga crushes the man’s heart

He then uses “Create Middle Tier Undead. Death Knight” in order to summon a monster that apparently takes over a dead body as a sacrifice to be summoned.
He commands the monster to kill all the people with the same armor as the other dead corpse and, to his surprise, the death knight leaves Momonga in order to search for people with the same armor. He acknowledges that he is the one who gave him the order but, in Yggdrasil at least, Death Knights are meant to stay nearby to defend the summoner.
Albedo, who just came out of the portal with full armor, asks what they should do with the human girl and her sister. She addresses them as “lower life forms” which already tells us that she isn’t too fond of humans. Momonga explains that for now, only the knights with the armor are the enemy and then proceeds to give Enri a potion for her injury. Enri is a bit suspicious because of the potion’s red color. Momonga notices this and still wonders why they won’t trust him. He convinces her to drink it and then proceeds to ask her about her knowledge of Magic. To this, she responds by saying that she knows of it because a pharmacist friend of hers often goes to the village and uses magic. Knowing that she at least knows about magic, Momonga then describes himself as a Magic Caster and casts “Anti-Life Cocoon” and “Wall of Protection from Arrows” for her to stay safe inside. Before leaving her, in case those spells don’t work, Momonga leaves her with two small blow horns in order for her to spawn an army of goblins that she can command to protect her. As he’s leaving, Enri asks for his name and, after a pause, he gives her the name “Ainz Ooal Gown” (this was the guild’s name).

Albedo and Momonga standing next to Enri and Nemu

We now get to see the village and everyone seems to be really scared of the Death Knight. The Death Knight seems to not be taking any damage from those who hit him and also kills the knights one by one. An ability that the Death Knight seems to possess is to bring back to life the men he kills as zombies.
This is the first time we see so many people getting killed like nothing and the reality of it is intense.

The knights are unable to do anything and after a few kills, Momonga commands the Death Knight to stop. Momonga comes flying down from his spot in the air and proceeds to introduce himself as “Ainz Ooal Gown.” He is also wearing a mask, most likely hide his true face. Momonga allows the knights to run away on the condition they tell their “owner” about the situation there. He also threatens them by saying “Next time you cause trouble in this area, I will bring death to your kingdom.”
He tells the villagers he came to save them and they are all safe. The problem is that he notices that it would be better and smarter to ask for something in return so he could seem like a person who did it for profit.
(This is smart of him and I love when they do this in anime)
He succeeds in lower their suspicions of him and then he wonders why the girls were scared of his face if his character type was common in Yggdrasil. Because of this, he is content with his decision to wear the mask.

One of the knights powerless and begging for help

He didn’t care about getting money from them as much as he cared about getting information. He had a good cover story and they told him all they could of the world. He learned that the money from Yggdrasil doesn’t work in this world although the gold itself was worth something. He concluded that it would be dangerous for him to use it, as to not give away his identity.
He also learned that Nazarick and the village, “Carne Village”, are both part of the “Re-Estize Kingdom.” One of the places next to Re-Estize, adjacent to it and with a mountain range in between, is “Baharuth Empire.” Both Re-Estize and Baharuth don’t get along and often fight against each other. The last place, which was south of both places, was called Slane Theocracy.
The armor belonged to the Baharuth Empire, but Momonga believed that the Slane Theocracy was behind it in order to create commotion between Re-Estize and Baharuth.
The last thing they talked about was the closest city to them, “E-Rantel,” and that if he wanted to avoid monsters, following the road would probably be best. There were also adventurers in E-Rantel and around the area and their people’s jobs mostly consisted of killing monsters and accepting quests.

We are now outside in a funeral site and although he could revive the dead villagers using his “Wand of Resurrection,” Momonga believes that it could cause trouble in the future so decides not to revive them.

Momonga watching while the survivors have a moment of silence

Momonga plans on spreading his name and believes the story of him saving the village is a start. He believes that if there are other players in Yggdrasil, he would want to help them out and also decides that he should only kill if necessary in order to not make enemies. One of the bigger ideas he also gets is about getting the support of one of the countries for his goal.
Momonga is planning on leaving but before that, he asks Albedo if she hates humans and her reply is that they are weak and no different than insects. Momonga tells her to treat them with kindness since acting is important. Who knows if this is to trick her or he also believes this, since he was unable to feel anything from seeing the people die.

He stops as he was planning on leaving but the village chief says that “knight-like” people are heading towards the village and is glad when Momonga decides to help.

The people coming are from the Re-Estize kingdom and the same ones we saw earlier. The Head Warrior introduces himself as “the Chief Royal Warrior of the Re-Estize Kingdom, Gazef Stronoff.” Momonga introduces himself and says he helped the village as he was passing by. Stronoff seems really grateful for Momonga’s help, but before they can talk about the situation, they informed that the village has been surrounded and being approached by “unknown figures.”

Gazef Stronoff thanking Momonga

The episode then ends on the cliffhanger before telling us who has surrounded the area and more about Stronoff. (The people who have surrounded the area are probably the same evil looking people from before)
Rating: 4/5 Things happened, almost a 3/5 though.

Post Thoughts

So much information was given in this episode that I had to pause to read many times. It was interesting seeing many people die in an anime and also getting to know more about the area around them.
(also, is this format better than the previous ones?) :thinking:

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