Overlord Season 01 Episode 02 Recap

Overlord Episode 02 from the first season.

Quick Summary

Not much happens in this episode. We learn and re-learn some information.

Episode Recap

We continue from last episode’s ending at the moment where Shalltear, floor guardian for floors 1, 2, and 3, joins Momonga and the 6th-floor Guardians at the Colosseum. She, just like Albedo, seems to be in love with Momonga.
The interesting part here though, is that Shalltear and Aura don’t seem to get along (this was hinted at by Aura in the last episode as well).
One reason for this is because players who created these characters were siblings in real life and they also used to fight like that “all the time”(Momonga).

We then see Cocytus (the 5th-floor guardian), Demiurge (the seventh-floor guardian and in charge of defense), and Albedo (again, floor guardian leader, basically) come in and join them.
Before it continues to the cool opening, we get to see almost all the floor guardians together and a bit of their personalities. (mostly only Cocytus, Aura, Mare, and Shalltear).

After the opening, the floor guardians have presumably already finished pledging their loyalty and Momonga seems to be currently acting the part of a leader by giving a short thank you speech and opens way for Sebas to explain his findings.
Sebas informs them that Nazarick seems to be surrounded by grasslands, with no life force or buildings within a one-kilometer radius. Momonga deduces that Nazarick has most likely been transported to this place (before it was surrounded by swamps).
We also quickly get reminded of Albedo and Demiurge’s official titles (Albedo being “Floor guardian leader” and Demiurge has the title of “defensive leader”, apart from being the seventh-floor guardian).
Momonga orders these two to “create a stronger information sharing system and fortify our defenses!” That’s as clear as he gets.
With the help of Mare, they plan on covering the Great Tomb of Nazarick with dirt and dummy hills around the area, but not before Albedo makes an
“unnecessary” remark on how Mare would even dare think to dirty up Nazarick’s walls (I mention this as more evidence to support the idea that Albedo really cares about Nazarick).

Momonga ends his announcement by asking each floor guardian, “What kind of a person am I to you.” Of course, they all answer fast when it’s their turn and say very nice things about him.
All they said about him was interesting and one was kind of funny (Albedo’s response), but one interesting description of Momonga, which may not be new, came from Sebas when he said, “The head of all the supreme beings and a merciful leader who stayed behind with us until the end.” This is meant for us to know that they most likely have some memories of the other “supreme beings” (the ones who created them; the other members of Ainz Ooal Gown (the guild’s name)).

Momonga leaves and feels tired of acting the part and also gives us a bit of a laugh as he can’t believe how serious they are with their “glorious views” of him.
When Momonga leaves, they all talk about the “pressure” he was emitting and how cool he was (Mare and Aura talk a bit more about how kind he was to them since he offered them water just because they looked a bit thirsty).
After Albedo starts obsessively talking about Momonga and how amazing he is, Sebas makes sure he is the first to leave since he believes he needs to be by Momonga’s side. (She also mentions that even though all the 40 other supreme beings left, Momonga was “merciful” enough to stay behind with them until the end).
Not long after he leaves, Shalltear and Albedo have a quick argument on who’s a better fit for Momonga. (and Demiurge makes sure to step aside as soon as this happens).
It has only been a few moments after Momonga has left and Demiurge is already thinking of an heir for the future of Nazarick and just in case Momonga leaves.
Albedo and Shalltear then decide to change the argument and leave that discussion for the next time (the decision of who will be the “official wife”).

Momonga is still trying to learn a bit more about himself and the restrictions that he may have.
We see that he is able to swing a sword, but unable to attack with it and drops the sword (this is due to him being from the mage class). He also talks about how he doesn’t feel “fear or unease” with his current skeletal form. He believes that he may have “changed mentally as well as physically” because if he gets “emotionally unstable,” something “forcefully” calms him down. He also mentions that he doesn’t need to eat.
The maid, that is in the room with him, gives him the sword and he used a spell called “create greater item” to allow him to bypass his class restrictions and use the sword (yeah the spell is op). In return though, with his armor and sword, he is limited to the spells he can use.
Momonga says he has to be alone for a bit and even though the maid (that we now know is named Narberal) tried to convince him to take guards so he is safe, he doesn’t allow it and leaves. (he just wanted to be alone because it was trying acting as a leader).
While he is reaching to the first floor, he mentions he can’t use a lot of magic in that form he is currently in but he believes his items should be enough.

At the top of the stairs, Demiurge and three of his demon generals are there in the first floor and Demiurge is astonished seeing Momonga there but instantly knows it’s him in that form and bows down.
Demiurge acknowledges that he went there without guards and in that attire, which Momonga replies by saying “Well, there’s a reason for all this.”
Demiurge seems to have figured out something and says “So that’s how it is.” Momonga has no idea what Demiurge meant and gets a lot of credit given to him for his “attention to detail.”
(This is probably the first time this happens, but this show is sprinkled with the amazing moments where Momonga does literally anything and
Demiurge believes that Momonga is so many steps ahead that he can only say “Sasuga [Momonga]-sama.”)
In this case, Momonga just wanted some fresh air and to be alone, but he allows Demiurge to go with him.

They arrive at the top and both fly up in the air (Momonga uses an amulet and Demiurge transforms with a frog face replacing his own and with wings). Momonga loves the scenery and talks about how beautiful it looks while Demiurge adds to it. Momonga says the sky looks beautiful and how the starts “are glittering like a box of jewels”.
After he says some more cliche and embarrassing things, we have another Sasuge [Momonga]-sama moment when he says, “… taking over the world might be enjoyable.”
( After he said this, he did think that there’s no way they’d be able to do something like that, but of course Demiurge thought that Momonga was serious. Because of this, while he is thinking about any others that could have possibly been transported there and how he would try to get their attention, Demiurge , in his Sasuge moment, is probably already planning something).

Momonga then sees Mare working on cloaking Nazarick so he goes down and praises him for his work, he also gives him a ring to teleport like him (which he has probably a hundred of).
This is a big deal to him and he loves the gift so much.
When Mare asks Momonga why he was in that armor, Albedo pops up out of nowhere to give a pretty accurate reason why Momonga wanted to go outside and in that equipment.
As Albedo feels content at how she knows Momonga, she catches a glimpse and is socked for an instant (and returns to normal just as quick) at the sight of Mare wearing the ring. Momonga is spooked for a second and gives Albedo a ring too, explaining that he wanted to give everyone rings. He tells Demiurge he will give him a ring later too and leaves Albedo, who is trying her best to remain calm.

Before the ED starts, we see some evil looking people who are planning on probably doing something evil.

Post Thoughts

We see more about how much they love Momonga in this episode and get a peak at what next episode might bring. We also learn more, because knowledge is power.
Rating: 3/5 There was a good amount of information, but not much happened.

Images from the Episode

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