Overlord Season 01 Episode 01 Recap

Overlord Episode 01 from the first season.

The first season and episode of one of my favorite anime.

Quick Summary

In this episode we see that Momonga is trapped in the game of Yggdrasil, or something close to it, and we get to see a bit of his personality. We also see the other characters of this anime, his servants.

Episode Recap

Momonga, real name unknown or important to the story, is playing his favorite game Yggdrasil for the last time because servers are about to shut down once and for all. As he is reminiscing at all the things he and his guild have accomplished, he decides to go somewhere to wait for the servers to shut down (with the guild weapon, but that has its own info that isn’t too important for this episode, but in case you were wondering, they worked hard on crafting it by doing heavy raids in order to get the parts. It is a sign of the guild and if it were to be lost, the guild would disappear).
From the very start of the anime, we can see how much he loved spending time with his guild and how sad he is that no one else stayed until the very end (although he did have people pop in and out for the last day). The requirements for joining the guild were to: play with a non-human character and to be a functioning member of society (that may be a reason why there weren’t any NEETs with him).

On his way towards the throne, we see him notice his servant NPCs and checking to see what one of their names were (which tells us that he hardly ever walked on foot and saw them). One important detail here is the anime is showing us that these are command based and run on AI. After commanding them to follow him to his throne, we also get to see the strongest of the NPCs, Albedo, and he reads her biography.

As the time counts down, he closes his eyes and waits for the servers to shut down. The problem is that after the timer counts to zero, he’s still in the game. After noticing something is wrong Albedo starts talking to him and we can see her lips moving, which is not possible in the game. With the help of his servants, he tries to figure out the situation he’s now in. He orders the one call Sebas, who seems to be the leader of the maids, to survey the area. He also orders the maids, or “Pleiades” as he calls them, to defend the ninth floor in case intruders are there, and then chooses Albedo to conduct a few experiments with. With the experiments Momonga conducts with Albedo, we learn how much of a pervert he is and how much Albedo loves him. More importantly, though, we learn that he seems to have been brought into the world of Yggrdasil. (p.s. if you noticed, his emotions were a bit suppressed when they hit a certain point, so its possible that he is less human now).

Momonga is sad that he tainted Tabula’s (a guild member’s) character after changing her last sentence bio’s words from “She is a b*tch” into “She loves Momonga.” But there is no time to mess around and tells her to bring all but two-floor members into the 6th floor Amphitheatrum.

Along the way to the Arena, which is fast because his teleportation ring still works, we can see that he is thinking about how loyal the servants are to him and how he is grateful for that (in the light novel, he mentions how in case they weren’t loyal, he might be able to fight them off strategically with all the items he has).

In the arena we see two cute girls, floor guardians that guard the sixth floor, the Amphitheater (again, the light novel mentions how graceful Aura was when landing and reaching him, and how good, but a bit clumsy the other one was. Here he is already calculating them and seeing if they were friendly). Here is where we get to see a bit of his happiness when talking about his and his guild members’ accomplishments. After cutting himself short as to not drag on, he shows his power. He does this by burning some targets and creating a monster which he also uses to test the 6th-floor guardians’ powers. While they fight he tries to contact anyone else and ends up reaching Sebas. While Sebas apparently has news to report, Momonga tells him to go to the Amphitheater to report to him and the other floor guardians.
We also see how nice he was by offering a drink to the floor guardians, Aura and Mare, and how happy they became because of this (they also thought he would be mean, but became happy when they saw that he wasn’t).

He again mentions how loyal the floor guardians seem to be when Shalltear pops in from a portal of sorts.
One characteristic that makes him very interesting is that we can see how much he thinks about things and how he’s already thinking of what to do. He plans to see if he is “max level” here like he was in Yggdrasil and since they are loyal, he wants to at least act as a “proper superior” to them. The other last bit of information that we can confirm is that he believed his other life to “not be worth much” and he doesn’t plan on going back.

After his thoughts, the rest of the floor guardians arrive and they all proceed to introduce themselves and pledge their loyalty. While this happens we see his cool aura and the episode goes into the ED song.

Post Thoughts

Before saying my last thoughts, the Opening and Ending are AMAZING. They are so good and honestly they still pump me up like the first time I watched this anime.

I still love this anime and like how cool Momonga and his servants were. Momonga doesn’t plan on going back and instead plans on keeping his “composure” around them and plans to try his best to not lose their loyalty, which could end up being really bad for him if he does lose it. It’s really important and cool that we got to know what he was thinking and that he plans to learn everything he can in this world, already noticing some key differences.
Rating: 4/5
Although there are a lot of anime like this one, where the main character goes into another world, it was still interesting and it was thanks to the character Momonga.

Images from this episode

OP and ED

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